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Custom NYC Woodworking

For nearly two decades, Sons & Co.’s work can be seen throughout NYC, Upstate and the Hamptons finest eateries and residences.  Sons & Co. has a reputation for delivering superior work with a down to earth, yet professional and friendly approach.  The budgets that we work within depend on the type of project.   For instance,   for Millwork projects our budgets range from $25k to $300k.    For GC projects our budgets range from $1 million to $20 million.    

Sons & Co. prides itself on thorough and timely work.  Our contracting arm began as a way to better control some of the elements which typically precede the millwork finish.  This desire lead us towards not only ensuring that these preceding elements were correct, but also that other finishes including stone, tile, metal etc., were also executed properly.  Our contacts overseas for select woods and stones,  and our in-house 8,000 sf millwork shop,  give us an advantage to control quality for critical components of the projects.
Our philosophy and approach is built upon the foundation of strong project management, high craft, and a desire to foster teamwork, collaboration, and positivity.  This approach helps enable us to properly manage schedule, project expectations, and helps foster a positive outcome for everyone.  Success for us is highly interdependent. Working closely with designers, architects, tradesmen, and end users to achieve shared goals helps us to become better at what we do, and grow towards the things we have not yet done, but look forward to doing.

We look forward to working with you.

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